Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Best Shot Timers Could Be Your Best Friends

Shot timers are used during shooting sports. To start of, why do people often spend time shooting? Of course there would be plenty of reasons as to why people choose their free time doing shooting. It could be self-defence, hunting, joing a competition or maybe even as part of their job. But for most people, anyone who is interested in pulling triggers are those who want to improve if not with high hope of becoming the best shooters. So if somebody is getting so serious of becoming the best shooter then it is probably safe to say that having the best shot timers for shooters is a must.

From the name itself, shot timer is a simple timer that it being activated by an actual sound produced by any gunshot. More specifically explaining of how it really works? It works when the competitor starts with an audible signal and also records the time electronically and this could detect the sound of each shot being executed together with the time from the start signal. These are those small devices that can measure the time it takes for someone to make individual shots or a string of shots. Even though these devices are more often used in competitions, anyone should get the best shot timers with good results to improve their important shooting skills and could create a dynamic training experience for themselves.
Fortunately, there are now a lot of good if not best shot timers available in the market. It may sound challenging as to what specific shot timer suits for every person but it mainly depends on which purpose one would use it for. Since best shot timers are significant components for anyone doing a shooting session, whether a beginner or already an expert player, one should still be very cautious when choosing the right shot timer. There are many configurations, tips and factors of those best shot timers to consider when choosing and buying one. 
First would be the data recording where those best shot timers have the capability of recording important data and that include things that are use in gauging the progress and skills. Not only it would deal on the recording stage and process but also the storage of data as well. In data recording for the best shot timers, one must be go for those that encompasses the specific speed, shooting skills and other details significant especially if one is doing rigorous trainings. Another is to look for the battery life; any devices and gadgets should last for quite a longer time. As we all know, battery life is the benchmark for the topmost efficiency of any devices or gadgets. Durability is another factor that someone has to look out for. Consider those high quality versions, which also come with a lot of advanced features especially, designed to give more improvement to the skills of the user. Keep in mind these important facts that could somehow guide somebody in knowing and acquiring the best shot timers in the market these days. Finally, one can say that he or she is holding one of the best shot timers that anyone can possibly dream of acquiring one.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Great Multi-tools For Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are fun and absolutely thrilling – however they hold the potential to have devastating effect! We all have seen too many movies to laugh at this! For example, you may go trekking and get trapped between pieces of rocks- and not having the right tool may prove fatal. There are great many tools that can help you out during your outdoor activities- and choosing the right tool accordingly is a must. You must be bear in mind that they should not be too heavy as that would then become a burden to your outdoor activity.

When going in to the forest.

Visiting a forest is deemed as something peaceful and adventurous- while all those are true; the dangers cannot be ignored. The first thing we need are the best sleeping bags out there in the market. Sleeping bags are a very important tool for outdoor activities- now, you might say will I be sleeping during my activities? Certainly not! Sleeping bags ensures that you don’t have to stress out when finding a place to camp. Moreover, sleeping bags does not require to be set up so they are quintessential for forest trekking. The other things you’ll require when going for outdoor activities in a forest is a knife. The functions of a pocket knife in a forest are many. You can create a bunch of useful stuff with a knife. Moreover, it can help you provide protection from forest animals. Other than the important things required include:  a water vessel, a climbing tool, goggles, flashlight. Other than that forest trekking is safe so intensive equipment are not needed

When trekking in mountains

People often forget an important thing when going mountain trekking- and that is sleeping bag. Mountains are rough terrains so setting up normal camps are very difficult- other than that mountain trekking are normally very long and tiring. Without proper rest our survival decisions may be hindered. In mountains you also need the basic tools mentioned earlier like knives, water vessels etc. An addition to this will be special boots for mountain climbing- this is very important as without proper shoes you may not have a comfortable journey. Some mountains are home to some venomous snakes so in such cases it is safe to carry torches (to scare the snake off)  and another thing you can do is your flashlight to scare off the snakes.

Outdoor activities inside caves

For cave activities you’ll need flashlights- yes, many flashlights- preferably the ones which can be recharged manually. This is important as not much light enters cave and getting lost in absolute darkness can be pretty scary. Cave activities demand some of the best sleeping bags out there- this is because finding a good environment to rest in a cave is hard- therefore using a sleeping is wise, as a sleeping bag provides a safe environment within itself. Other basic equipment is advised to be taken. Normally caves do not impose dangerous animals threat- but to be safe a tranquilizer because while animals are rarely seen there, some of the scariest creatures are known to be spotted inside caves.

Need The Best Broadhead For Elk?

If there is one big animal that you are almost sure to see during your visit to Banff National Park, it is elk. This deer is at the top of the list of animals wanted by wildlife observers. After moose, elk are the largest deer in the park. There are also caribou, mule deer and white-tailed deer.

Elk are also an essential part of the ecology of Banff National Park, where it is the most common herbivore. It is an important food source for predators such as the wolf.
Elk has always been part of the park's natural ecology, but in the past, it was less abundant than it is today. At the time of the park's creation in 1885, only a few individuals lived in the Bow Valley. In 1906, the elk population was so low that the species appeared to have disappeared. Ten years later, however, the population had increased, both naturally and through the introduction, from 1918 to 1920, of 235 individuals from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Currently, elk are among the largest mammals in the park, with close to 350 animals, including over 200 in the lower Bow Valley near the town of Banff. We will explore the 4 best broadheads for elk followed by their natural habitat.


Elk has a light brown coat, but the face, neck and legs have a dark hue. It has a cream rump and a truncated tail. The mature male is very impressive. Its imposing antlers can have up to 1.2 meters wingspan and length and weigh up to 22 kilograms. The animal weight varies from 180 to 450 kilograms. The female has a weight less than one-third that of the male and is devoid of antlers. In the male, new woods begin to grow each spring and then fall the following winter.

Body language

Elk also communicates by its postures. During the period of love, the deer stand with slender body and side to show his woods and all his power in order to manifest his dominance. To keep hinds in his harem, he can tilt his antlers backward as a warning. At any time of the year, elk can show its irritation by grinding teeth, tucking its lower lip or setting its ears back. It is important to recognize these behaviors when we see elk.

What does elk eat?

Most members of the cervid family, including moose and mule deer, are grazers; they feed almost exclusively on twigs, tree leaves and shrubs. Elk, meanwhile, also grazes the soil. He has to spend a lot of time feeding himself. In the summer, he eats a lot of grass, plants and leaves to build up the fat reserves he will need during the breeding season and the long winter that follows. During the cold season, dry woody substances such as dried grass, twigs and bark, which take longer to digest, form the major part of their diet. If you are looking for the best broadhead for elk, then you need to learn more about elk.

Most elk move in search of the best available food. Those who frequent Banff National Park are considered partial migrants. This means that some of them migrate or disperse at certain times of the year. Others remain in the same territory throughout their lives. Still, others may be sedentary for some time and migrate in some years depending on habitat conditions.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Knee Sleeves Saved Me

I had a knee surgery a few years ago. My knee since then had never been the same as before. I used to work out a lot at the gym, My trainning schedule was so excessive that my whole body, especialy my knees, had to work a lot.

 I was warned that my knee would get injured someday if i keep trainning like that, but i ignored the warning and kept my schedule stricted. And so what must come had came, my knee joints got injured the injuries was so bad that both my leg had to go through a surgery. After sometime i was able to walk normally again though it was still hurt when I walk around. But I was a gym maniac, so bad that the pain of not able to work out hurt me more than the pain in my knees. I couldn't keep my trainning schedule because my knees didn't allow me to work my knees too hard or it will get even worse injury, and there's even a chance that i can't even walk anymore. So i didn't want any risk. And then i found a solution: knee sleeves. I found it by chance when surfing the internet to find a way for me to work out again. i immediately order one pair and try them out.

 The advertisement didn't lie, they really helped.me a lot. My knee now hurts less when i work out and i feel no pain when i walk. I can take some simple work out, but not the hard on the knees ones. However to me right now this is enough. I had my trainning rescheduled so that my knees can take it and never to get injured again. I really feel that my money was well spent on these knee sleeves.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

DAY 115 - Thu May 04 2006 - NO EAT DAY 55

orange juice, 1 small glass, 8 fl. oz - 120 cals
half a banana - 50 cals
Apples & Cinnamon apple sauce - 80 cals
1 small bowl of salad w/ vinaigrette - 150 cals
2 boiled egg whites w/ salt & pepper - 32 cals
1 cup of coffee w/ 3 milkers & Splenda - about 50 cals (14 cals per 1 fl oz of 2% milk)

Total 482 calories

Looks like I went a little over my calorie limit today. I didn't realize the orange juice
had so many calories! Must be all the sugar.. Oh well. It's not excessive, just a little

I was planning on drinking a V8 juice later tonight but I guess not. 

I'm really not sure about this eating 300-400 calories on my No Eat Days anymore.
I like the idea of drinking the protein powder for my muscles, but I might just go back
to the way I was doing it before if I'm disappointed with my results on the 10th. 
I can't see how I've possibly lost 11 lbs this month. It doesn't seem likely. I'm slipping
up too much and becoming too lax.

On the other hand, working out with weights demands more calories. So...I don't really
know what to do. I guess I'll decide once I see the scale on the 10th and see how 
disappointed it makes me.

Survivor night tonight. Hope my wife remembers to tape it.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

DAY 114 - Wed May 03 2006

Breakfast (9:30am): 2 fried eggs
2 pieces of bacon
2 pieces of fried baloney
2 pieces of rye toast
2 pieces of white toast
cucumber & tomato slices
tangerine wedges

Lunch (1:30pm): 2 chicken souvlaki pitas
2 large cups of strawberry protein powder smoothie


Dinner: McDonald's Turkey BLT deli sandwich combo w/ side salad (vinaigrette dressing)
2% milk (250mL)

I ate the last of the pitas for lunch today. I thought I had better take a picture
since I raved about them a couple days ago. They contain marinated chicken, tzatziki sauce,
onions and tomatoes. Very garlicy but very good.

I finally found a way to ingest protein powder and not taste it! I made a smoothie using a
bunch of strawberries that had gone soft, mixed with water, ice and Splenda, and a full 40g
scoop of protein. (The strawberries would have been going in the garbage soon anyway so 
I didn't have much to lose by trying it.) Anyway, it tasted really good. I didn't taste the protein
at all. I'm sure it would have been very low calorie too. So I guess from now on, I'll make 
smoothies using whatever suitable fruit we have available at the time.

I'm just listening to the Calgary Flames vs Mighty Ducks game 7. Looks like the Ducks might
just eliminate the Flames tonight, if they can hold onto their lead.
Edmonton is doing really well. If Calgary gets knocked out, I'll cheer for Edmonton.

(10:00pm): Well looks like the Flames are out too. That leaves only Ottawa and Edmonton as
the only Canadian teams left in the play-offs. I'd rather Edmonton win because I'm in the west, 
but either team would be nice..

For dinner I tried to go to Taco Time in the mall food court, but it was close to closing time and
they decided they wanted to close 5 minutes early (I hate when businesses do that!) So they
turned me away. I was going to get a couple of their veggie burritos.

McDonald's was still open so I went there and settled on their deli sandwich combo with a salad.
Originally I ordered Diet Coke, but there was something wrong with their pop fountain, so the 
only other sugar-free choice was milk.

(1:30am): I guess the McDonald's sandwich and salad didn't fill me up enough because I was
really hungry when I got home. I ate a couple of slices of leftover pepperoni pizza and some 
honey-garlic chicken wingettes that my wife had cooked earlier. I don't like eating this late at
night but I knew that if I didn't, I would be starving tomorrow and would probably eat more than
I should.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

DAY 113 - Tues May 02 2006 - NO EAT DAY 54

Okay, back on track today. As much as I wanted to eat the leftover pizza
in the fridge, I did not. I resisted.
I did however have a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette worth about 150 calories
about noon. Followed by a delicious protein powder and water cocktail (ugh!).

I lifted my weights around 2:00pm. A pretty good workout. My son came home from
school sick today so he watched me, along with one of my daughters. (The kids are
pretty impressed when I lift my weights. They seem so heavy to them.)

Before I left for work I had a cinnamon apple sauce for another 80 calories.
When I got to work I had a coffee with three 2% milkers and Splenda. No idea how
many calories in those milkers but I'll guess a total of 50.

On my first coffee break I took a brisk walk. When I got back I had a V8 V-Go, warm. 
40 calories.

Now it's time for my dinner break. There was a meeting today at work and there are
leftover sandwiches, soup and muffins. I've done a good job to resist them all.

I didn't bring any other low-calorie snacks, so I'm going to take another walk. But
not until I down another one of those delectable protein powder/water delights! "Whey
too delicious!" (If I keep pretending maybe one day I'll actually believe it!!)

Total calories today = 320